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Flight simulator - Italian advanced tecnology in the word
Word wide amusement and catering equipment

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We offer to our customers prompt service through internet connection with the machine and availability of technicians on mobiles. We always provide for first installation of new machine and give training to customers for operation, maintenance and repair of the simulator.


The quality of our simulators is given by using only components made in Europe and Japan. The quality of the components used to manufacture our machines gives us the security to deliver our customers a very reliable machine.


The technicians we have are working with us from 20 years and this permits us to count on very professional, experience and trained personell that can manage easily all the problems from software to hardware, electronic and hydraulics or pneumatich


Thanks to our experience during last 25 years and use of high quality components we can offer our customers very very reliable simulators and cinema that always work and do not give any problems for many years of use. Our Philosophy is to manufacture machines that last in the time and do not break down easily. With over 400 installations worldwide we have mature a big experience.